Monday, December 22, 2008

December 15, 2008

Slip-Slidin' Away

After a nice respite in Tucson, I am finally able to report on our performance from one week ago.

This will be a highly abridged version of the BM Report as I am currently obsessed with transforming our archives to a relational database. This has proved to be more difficult than expected due to my extremely anal ways in the empirical realm. I figure our hundreds of followers are desperate to see the most recent box score, so here’s the scoop.

Our dream of finishing above .500 for the 1st half of the season appears increasingly out of reach without some kind of Kwanza miracle. There is something about Prairie Rose that we just cannot figure out. They beat us again, despite a balanced effort. We went 1-3 to the team recently renamed the “Eickbush Terror Train”. This pushes our record to 27-33. The only way we can surpass .500 before the turn of the year is to go at least 3-1 and 4-0 for our two prebowl sessions. I think we should all choose a religion and start praying. I’m taking Wicca.

The Movements managed to take one in a hard fought 2nd, but we needed to set new team records for pins in that game to do so. It was an interesting night by the numbers. We put up a well-rounded performance. Although three bowlers set highs for the week, once again, Johnebob dominated the stat sheet. Except for a slight increase in the Game 1 high score by John (Old record = 171, New record 174), no new individual records were set this week. What may be surprising is that a number of team records were.

Again, we put up our best game ever in Game 2 (679 pins) averaging nearly 170 per bowler to do so. This was obviously our highest handicapped game on record as well (965). We set new team highs for marks (77) and mark percentage (61.6%). The large number of marks can be attributed largely a huge number of spares, 45 to be exact. We very nearly broke the 50% pickup mark as a team leaving only 48 frames open as compared to 45 converted for spares. We set a new team high for single pin pickup rate, converting 2/3 of chances or 14 of 21.

December 15, 2008 Box Score

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