Thursday, December 11, 2008

December 2, 2008

The State of the Turds
The Movements scored an impressive victory yesterday, going 3-1 for the third
straight week. Knocking down a total of 1706 pins, and averaging a score of 142.5 per roller per game. This is our strongest performance on record (records extend back to Dec. 1, 2008). We currently stand with a record of 25-27, only two games behind a .500 pace. Other highlights… we recorded a total of 66 marks, evenly split between strikes and spares. As a team, we recorded a 26.2% strike percentage, and a 37.1% pickup percentage, meaning that we converted spares at a slightly better rate than 1 in 3. Overall, John and Todd had equivalent nights, scoring averaging 151.7 and a152 pins per game, respectively. Joe and Geoff had off nights, but still put up solid pin totals averaging 146 and 119 pins over the three game set.

One interesting trend for the team as a whole concerns frame by frame pin counts, shown above as the team average pins per frame for the three game set. As a team, we averaged between 11.1 and 17.5 pins per frame. We appear to peak in frame 2 and steadily decline through frame 5. We peak again after the midway point in frame 6, but our scores decline regularly through the 10th. Data from subsequent weeks will be necessary to assess the reality of this pattern.

Lead off

Another strong week for the Laughlonian, who led the team in marks with 20 including 10 strikes. He knocked down 5 of 7 single pin spares, and picked up nearly half of his spare opportunities (10 of 21). John landed a total pin count of 455, slightly above his average.

On Deck

T-Dizzle carried the team as usual, recording a total of 456 pins. He recorded 17 marks including 10 strikes. T-Bone struggled to record spares this week, with a pickup percentage of only 35%, and converting only 2 of 6 single pin opportunities. Consistent scores in the 140’s and 150’s can be attributed to well timed marks, including multiple back-to-back strikes. He recorded both the high and low average score for frames, averaging 21.7 pins in the 6th and a pathetically lame 7.7 pins in the 5th.

In the Hole

El Jefe had a slightly off week, but still averaged nearly 120 pins per game. He
brought home 11 marks including four strikes. Jefe was the team leader in one category, open frames, which he dominated with a total of 19. Gee-off also struggled to pick up spares, converting only 26.9%, and leaving 6 of 8 single pin opportunities untouched.

Clean up

JD started with two strong games of 168 and 151, but finished like his panties were in a wad with a 119 in the last. Overall, a strong effort from our cleanup man, averaging 146 pins per game, and marking 18 frames with 9 strikes. Bright spots include picking up 5 of 7 single pin chances (71.4%) and a overall high pickup percentage (40.9%).

Dec. 1, 2008 Box Score

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