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December 4, 2008

The Adventures of Captain Canada
On a col
d snowy afternoon in Laramie, Wyoming, the team was struggling. As they dangled on the precipice of the gutter, out of nowhere, as if birthed by the chute was Captain Canada and his trusty sidekick Captain Midnight! Overall, our first attempt at prebowling was not spectacular, although it was truly not so different from our Dec. 1 performance. In all, we recorded 1,673 pins, only 33 less than Monday, the difference can be attributed to two fewer strikes (31 vs. 33). Despite a decline in a pin total from three of four bowlers, a stellar performance by the man from the Great White North mostly offset losses elsewhere. At this point, it is difficult to predict how this performance will translate to wins and losses given the limited data at hand. As our handicaps have yet to be determined for Dec. 22, I can only estimate handicapped pin totals for the night.: Game 1 = 877 pins, Games 2 & 3 = 827 pins. I can see this equating to anywhere from a 3-1 to an 0-4 night. It really depends upon the performance of the other team. We may be aided by holiday absenteeism, but that remains to be determined.

A brief note of interest… for the six games on record, there is no significant difference in average among all four bowlers (one-way ANOVA, f=0.058, p=0.981), Our averages are nearly identical (TS=143.3, JL=140.7, JD=140.0, GS=139.2). Given our long term records on the infallible Laramie Lanes hinged bulletin board, I expect that a larger sample will separate the wheat from the chaff, but over the last two rounds, we have all bowled more or less identically.

Lead off
Johnebob put up nearly 130 pins per game, well below his average, but a solid performance nonetheless. He led the team in spares with 10 and contributing an additional 4 strikes. He also dominated the 2nd frame where he put up an average of 17 pins. In all, he marked 46.7% of frames, and topped out with a 148 in the 1st game.

On Deck

Xander had a fairly standard set, averaging 134.7 per game, 1.3 pins below his current average. He put up a total of 15 marks, with one more strike than spare. He converted 50% of his single pin spares, a marked improvement over Monday. He was the king of the 1st frame, averaging 19.3 pins.

In the Hole
Canadian bacon simply dominated. Not only did he have the high pin total for all three games, but he lead in virtually all categories: marks (20), mark % (62.5%), strikes (11), and pickup percentage (45.5%). He averaged more than 10 pins for every frame and basically carried the Movements this week. If there is one soft spot, it was single pins spares. He converted only 2 of 5, but even this is an improvement over Monday.

Clean up
Jeauxsef averaged a solid 134 pins per game. He collected 15 marks, with 8 strikes. He led the team in single pin spares with 3, equating to a 50% single pin percentage. He tied with G-Spot for high pin totals for the 7th and 10th frames with an average of 15.7 and 15.3, respectively.

Dec. 3, 2008 Box Score

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