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December 8, 2008

Crappy Holidays!
My grandmother brought a saying from the Old World to America. It went like this, “If you are going to take a crap, do it when nobody is looking.” It never really caught on in the USA, but I have interpreted it to mean that if you are going to do something shameful, do it when there is no serious consequence for your action. This aptly describes our first game. Our first game was by far our worst on record, recording only 459 pins, or an average of 114.8 per bowler. Of course, this crappy game (HCP =745 pins) was inconsequential as Overrated put up >1,000 pins during the same game. What may be surprising, however, is that our next two games included two of our three best on record. We set new team records by game for pins in both Games 2 and 3, with 586 and 622 pins, respectively. These equate to team averages of 146.5 and 155.5 pins for those games. Game 3 was our best game on record. Handicapped, it was a 909. This brings our record to 26-30, four games sub .500.

Because we were freshly adorned in new gear, every lady who passed by Lane 15 could not get the ZZ Top tune “Sharp Dressed Man” out of her head. Still, our new team shirts had little effect on our game as a whole. Although we had our worst week on record in terms of pins and strikes, our numbers have been more or less stagnant. This week, we recorded 1,667 pins, six fewer than Wednesday. We knocked down 30 strikes, only one fewer than Wednesday. Total marks include 65, only one shy of our high from last Monday. We recorded new team records for spares (35) and open frames (58). In other words, over the recording period, our team performance has not really changed, and our record (4-4), with the outcome of four games yet to be determined, can be largely attributed to the ebb and flow of our opponents.
Regarding our pre-Christmas prebowling, things are looking grim. Based on a very small sample of only eight games, anything over ca. 850 has a fairly good chance of victory, say 75%. Games under 850 usually result in losses. With a larger sample, much more reliable quantification of win and loss probabilities by score will be possible. Nonetheless, our PreBowl is looking increasingly like a 1-3 or 0-4. Let’s hope that the other team does not show up, literally or figuratively.

Lead off

JPL had a decent week. He put up 19 marks including 10 strikes and 9 spares. He averaged 150.7 pins, just over his current average of 149. He took the pin total for Game 3 with 184, setting a team record for highest game on record. A strong pickup percentage of 42.9% and a comparable single pin percentage of 40% (2 of 5) were very much needed.

On Deck

The Green Lady dressed up for a big night out. She had her strongest week on record, knocking down 493 pins, for an average of 164.3. She put up a team high 21 marks including 12 strikes. The Lady picked up 47.4% of her spare chances, and marked 63.6% of frames. She also took the high pin totals for Games 1 and 2 with 147 and 165, respectively.

In the Hole

Regina’s head has returned from orbit after Wednesday's prebowling clinic. He averaged 113.7 pins per game, and set a new team record for low game score of 88 in the first, a record that will likely stand for many weeks. P.E.I. did lead the team in spares with 10 but coupled that with 18 opens He also lead the team in single pin conversions with 4 of 7 or 57.1%. With Johnebob, Regina led the charge in the 9th frame with 16.3 pins.

Clean up

Daniele was damn smelly this week. JD expressed the greatest reservations about the Information Age of bowling, and it appears that his fears may have been warranted. Jo averaged 127 pins this week, a respectable pin total, but well below his team high average of 150. He recorded 13 marks with 6 strikes but struggled to pick up spares, converting only 28%. He has consistently shown why he bats cleanup by putting up strong scores in the 10th, a category he took once again this week with an average of 19.3. As we struggle without him, the team looks forward to the return of the king.

December 8, 2008 Box Score

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