Friday, December 12, 2008

Near Term Goals

Rediscover the Deuce
Although it is not reflected in our massive archive of bowling data (extending back 11 days), we have, to my recollection, four or five 200 games to our credit, all of which can be attributed to Johnebob and JD. For our own mental well being and for the purposes of inflating our record books, we need to reestablish that a Movement can actually obtain a score exceeding 200 in a game of bowling. Given our current sample of bowling, the probability of a roller rolling at least a 200 in a single game is approximately 0.3% (or ~1 in 300). For the 12 games rolled any given league night, the probability of at least one of us breaking the deuce is considerably better, approximately 3.5%. Given our past history, this estimate seems a bit low and probably speaks more to a recent mini-slump than to our actual chances, which I would put a bit higher.

1,800 Pins
In three games of bowling with four bowlers, the maximum achievable unhandicapped score is 3,600 pins assuming 12 perfect games. We have yet to reach even the halfway point of 1,800 but we have gotten close (Team Record = 1,706). Rolling an 1,800 for a three game set requires that we average 150 pins per bowler per game in a single night. In terms of a handicapped pin score, given our remarkably beefy handicap of 286, we would need to average 886 handicapped pins per game. This goal is within the realm of possibility, but it is probably also near the limits of our current abilities.

50% Pickup Game
Since the start of the record keeping era, I have been surprised by how poorly we throw 2nd balls. I knew we were bad but this bad? To date, nobody has converted 50% of spare chances over a three game set. Laughlonian has come close and holds the current individual record (47.6%). We need to start converting spares. This record needs to exceed 50% ASAP. As a team, we have topped out at only 37.6%. A long term goal should be to get the team above 50%, but for now, let's just get one bowler there for one night.

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