Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bowl Goals II

I laid out three goals for the team on December 12. By January 5th, they were accomplished:

1. Roll a 200 game. Accomplished by Johnebob on 1/5/09 with a 213.

2. Get one bowler to a 50% pickup percentage for one series. Johnebob has managed this three times, each time going above 60% (12/15, 12/29, 1/5). I barely eked out a 50% on 12/15, and Joe and Geoff have gotten close. Rory did it on his first try.

3. Record 1,800 pins as a team. On 1/5, we smashed this goal with 1,938.

Accordingly, it is time to set some new goals within reach. Here they are:

Goals for the New Year

Team 50% pickup
It is not inconceivable that we pick up 50% of our spares as a team for a three game series. In fact, we have already gotten close. On the 15th of December, we collected 48.4% of our spares as a team. This equated to 45 spares vs. 48 open frames. If we had picked up two more spares that day, we would have been there. That day, we left seven single pin spares untouched, although Daniele knocked down all four of his chances. Since the start of the BIA, our pickup rate has steadily increased with a slight dip in our most recent outing.

The 700 Club
The 700 Club, as I remember it, was a Sunday morning religious program in the 1970’s and 80’s that got in the way of my cartoon watching. Apparently, it is still on. Our 700 club has one member, Johnebob (JPL has probably pulled off the trick 4-5 times prior to record keeping). To enter the 700 club, you need a 500 series plus a 200 game. I am fairly certain that Daniele has done this in the past, too, but it is not currently reflected in our records. We need to fill out the membership of the 700 club. Whether the Gee-off can do this throwing his Canadian reverse-spin straight ball (see here) remains to be determined, but TS and JD are poised to join its ranks.

Quince Equis
The current individual record for strikes in a series is 13. Let’s get it to 15. There is no better determinant of a series score than the number of strikes thrown. Looking at the graph below, it would be difficult to put up 15 strikes on a night, an average of 5 per game, and not record a 500 series. This one’s for you, Johnny. All you have to do is strike every other frame.


  1. last week was at least my third 700 club. why is it that you have absolutely no recollection of my bowling?

  2. Oh yeah, sorry Johnny. It's too bad we don't have the data for weeks past. I would guess that you have now done this four or five times. It will be corrected shortly.


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