Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Firm BM's, Part II

A few records of note from the 5th of January:

1. With our three game series of 1,938, and Johnebob's 213, we have now met all of the "Near Term Goals" posted a little less than a month ago. A new set of goals is in order.

2. We set new team highs in many categories, series (1,938), handicap series (2,706), marks (80), mark% (65%), strikes (43), strike% (32.6%), fewest opens (43), pickup% (48.4%), and single pin spares (17). Of these, the biggest jumps concern pin totals and strikes. The strikes number is remarkable. Or old record was 33, which we exceeded by 30%.

3. We ended the 1st half six games under .500, and after only two weeks were are 6 games over.


Johnebob led the charge as he has done for the last three weeks of bowling. Following his low game of 145 in the 1st, he added 30 pins to his score in the 2nd, and broke the 200 barrier in the 3rd. He led the team in average, marks, spares, pickup%, fewest opens, single pin spares, and single pin %. He also performed a BM first of marking every frame in a single game, the third, in which he only left three pins standing. He broke two records, previously held by him, the high game and the high series. One hell of a good night for the leadoff man.

On Deck
I have wondered whether it is symbolic to be the #2 roller on a team named after #2, and whether it is symbolic in a good way or bad. On Monday night, it was a good thing. Toad had his best night on record, missing a 500 series by one pin. He set a new team record for strikes with 13, and provided the high score for Game 2. Two down sides to Monday's performance: 1) he continues to struggle with single pins, collecting only 50% (4 of 8), and produced the only single digit average in a frame with a 9.0 for the 2nd.

In the Hole
While it is tempting to chalk up our incredible team performance to the presence of the Friendly Ghost and absence of El Jefe, it would be a bit of a stretch to do so. Becker had a decent night considering he was bowling with a house ball named "Mad Maxine", but he was the only bowler not to hit his average. He came in with a team high average of 157, and ended the night with a 150.3. But this was definitely a good night by Movement standards. Becker contributed a lot to our pin totals, but not our handicapped pin totals. For the 1,007 in Game 3, Becker only put up 8 pins over his average, something El Jefe could have managed with a 136. Stats of note: Rory had the high score in Game 1 (150), and tied with Laugh's for the team high in spares with 12.

The cherry on top of the sundae had to be JD's night. After Game 1, it looked like a typical night for our cleanup man. In the 1st, he had to put up 24 pins in the 10th frame just to reach a 112, but he never looked back. In the 2nd, he landed a 150, and in the 3rd, he shined, recording a 193, the 2nd highest game on record for the team. It was a nice thing to see the reemergence of the old Jeaux. Despite this stellar night, he did not make the leaderboard with the exception of leading the charge in the 3rd frame in which he averaged 19 pins.

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