Thursday, January 29, 2009

It was supposed to be an exhibition!

After several days of lament, I can now write of the bad night of team bowling. 14-2, a great record, perhaps to good.

We walked in there with our American flag shorts, our Uncle Sam hat, James Brown "Livin in America" playin in the backgroud. The fight was supposed to be an exhibition, a beating for us to dole out as we pleased. A night where the opposition just caves in. However, like Apollo Creed in Rocky IV we were simply not up to task. Sure, we looked good, all really for another 4-0 week. But alas, the mental edge had shifted sides.

As Apollo danced around, he looked like he had it in control. After all, what do Russians know of boxing? Drago was an unknown commodity in 1985. I know, Yevgeny Gerblackitov was a great boxer in the 1920's when he beat the American champ, ole' two tooth (pronounced toof) Wilson, in the 1927 Worlds Fair exhibition fight, but other than that, nothing. I digress.

Rocky eventually threw in the towel when he saw the beating of Apollo was to much. We, however, had no Rocky to throw a towel. All we had was cold frothy beer, which by itself is not capable of throwing in the towel. It was only able to tatse good and mildly kill the pain of the 1-3 beating we were getting. If we were Apollo that night, then team PBR was Drago, and they kicked our asses. Drago's trainer stated:"Whatever he hit's, he destroys!" Well, you could say PBR hit and destroyed many more pins then we did.

But know this, the next time we meet up we will play the role of Rocky, beat them down and maybe, just maybe, point out the futility of an American-Russian cold war in the process.


  1. Mid-bout dialogue:
    Todd: I see three pockets out there.
    Joe: Hit the one in the middle.

  2. "...and Balboa is chopping the Russian down!"

    You probably need to chop more firewood, pull more horse-drawn carriages out of snow drifts, and elude the Soviet team assigned to look after you by climbing a mountain.

    Oh, and draw racing stripes on your arms with highlighters. Trust me....


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