Tuesday, January 27, 2009

PBR: Pathetic Bowling Report

In the past, when the Bowl Movements went toe to toe against the team known as PBR, more pins were garnered by handicap than by actual bowling. It was not exactly a display of bowling skills. Last night’s matchup promised to be different. The Movements sat atop the league at 14-2. The Beer Boys were 9th at 2-14. It looked to be a good night for us. It is a rare occasion when the handicapping system works in our favor, but last night we had the advantage. We have been hot. Unstoppable. Last night, we were stopped dead in our tracks, only picking up one of four games. Maybe it’s because PBR by some miracle became tea-totalers. Whatever the cause, this sad defeat probably will result in a drop to 2nd place behind Laramie Lanes Lounge. We’ll see…

For the second week in a row, no records were set, individual or team. It was a strange night all around. Our scores dropped from game to game. We took the first with an 882 but followed this up with an 848 and an 812. PBR did not roll particularly well either, so we can only blame ourselves. No bowler put up double digit strikes, and we tied our low for strikes with 30. We tied our 2nd worst night ever for marks with 35. We left 56 frames open. Instead of this night highlighting our steadily improving skills, it was business as usual with two crappy bowling teams bowling crappily.

Two interesting notes. One involving the team and one about myself. First, if you have been wondering if our 2nd half success is due to luck or skill, we have largely earned it. The graph on the left shows the total number of pins recorded for the team since the start of the BIA (green line) in comparison to the number we would have received if we had bowled our averages (purple). The large rise and dip in average correspond to subbing by Becker and Gingy, respectively. Since January 5, we have bowled well above average. With the sole exception of last night, we have put up between 79 and 168 pins over our team average, with a mean 124.6. Last night, we actually bowled above average as well but only by a single pin.

Regarding my game last night, I had one extremely unusual result (above right). I converted more single pin spares (n=6) than anyone, but I continue to struggle with this aspect of my game. In fact, Daniele had a much higher single pin pickup percentage (66.7% vs. my 46.2%). What was unusual was that I had 13 single pin spare attempts. This is far and above any other night by any other roller. The closest was Joe who had ten chances on January 12. Of the 13, I left seven untouched. I guess my first ball was regularly finding the pocket, but the 10th pin refused to fall.

Lead Off
To be honest, I’m running out words for the first sentence of Johnebob’s recap. Let’s try this. John is the best Bowl Movement in the world. Uncle Johnny had a bit of an off night by his standards, but he still had the high series for the team with a 456. This was a single pin off his average. He was consistent, putting up scores in the 140’s and 150’s, but lacked any huge numbers as he is known to do. Johnny led the team in nine categories: Game 2, Pins, Average, Marks, Mark %, Spares, Fewest Opens, Pickup %, and Accuracy. Regarding Pickup%, we should probably rename this category “John” because he owns it.

On Deck
I’m tired of writing about myself in the 3rd person, so I’m abandoning it. I started slowly with two games in 130’s, but finished strongly with a 180 in the 3rd. I took four categories on the leader board: Game 3, handicapped pins, single pin spares, and 1st ball average. On the good side, I put up 9 pins over my average with a 150. On the bad side, of 13 single pin tries, I only converted six. With one more spare, I would have hit a 50% pickup rate, but this number seems almost unreachable of late.

In the Hole
Geoff had a rough night, averaging a buck twenty-one, despite putting up two consecutive games in the 130’s. Rather than reliving the woulda-coulda-shoulda’s, I’ll just give the rook a few words of encouragement. Bacon, we need you to rediscover that pre-bowl form on a league night. You hold the oldest individual record of 733 handicapped pins from December 3. On that day, you rolled huge, and obviously it’s a tough record to beat. You may have the team low average, but you have a huge upside. When you thrive, we thrive. So bring it next week.

JD had very strong starts in Games 1 and 2, but failed to hit the deuce. He took Game 1 with a 189 and had a solid 144 in the second. The 3rd game? Well, look it up if you really want to know. Daddy D took his fair share of the leader board with four categories: Game 1, strikes, strike %, and single pin %. He put up a nice average of 147.3, a full 1/3 of a pin above his league average of 147. Dan-Yelly is definitely out of the slump, a good thing. He had a strange night, starting strong and declining slowly over the night, more or less a microcosm of the team. We were inconsistent.


  1. We will bounce back. It was a crazy night all around. I may have been conistent, but just wasn't feeling it. I can't seem to string together strikes anymore. When was the last time I threw a turkey and how many damn 8's can one person put up in a night? I am not bowling again until next Monday. I think the arm is a little tired. Probably because I am single.

  2. That's funny. You owned the 8's. I owned the 9's.

  3. An editing note: never stop referring to yourself in the third person. K-terk does it almost exclusively; business meetings are awkward, yet listeners are on the edge of their seat. But then again, K-terk usually draws racing stripes up his arms with highlighters for business meetings.

  4. K-terk needs to lay off the pipe!

  5. It's not like K-terk is huffing the highlighters, or even eating them (yet). K-terk simply feels more agile with blue stripes up his arms. Really, who wouldn't?

  6. Todd thinks k-terk makes many good points.


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