Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pizza Pizza

Despite their peace offering of pizza pie, we owed Little Caesars something. In the first half of the season, in the Battle of the Basements, they gave us one of our worst beat downs of 2008. They used their victory over the Movements as a springboard to the top half of the leader board. Week after week, we watched them climb in the standings while we fell. In Wyoming, we believe in prairie justice. When somebody wrongs you, you wrong them back. Filled with the national food of his homeland, graciously delivered by the Pizza Men, Daniele carried us to a 3-1 victory over the Diminutive Emperors. The Bowl Movements now stand 10-2 in the 2nd half, hanging somewhere between 1st and 2nd place. In the 2nd half of the Bernaski League, there is only one team that can prevail, and that team might be (with a hell of a lot of luck) the Bowl Movements.

How did we do it? We did it by being remarkably average. Over the previous six weeks, we averaged 1,759 pins per series as a team. Last night, we recorded 1,768. What should be noted, though, is that we have been generally bowling over our averages since the start of the BIA (Bowling Information Age). If we were to bowl our current averages, we would put up 1,701 pins in a three game series. So, we bowled above average from the long term perspective, but average when seen in comparison to the last seven weeks.

Only one team record was set this week. We recorded our highest pin total for the 1st game, a 613. Handicapped, it was a dominating 894, six pins shy of 9’er. We also tied our record of 17 single pin spares. As the night went on, our pin totals declined game by game, likely attributable to five pitchers of bowling juice, mostly distributed among three bowlers. In the 2nd, we recorded an 864. In the 3rd, an 853. This was good enough to take games 1,2, and the pin total. We lost the third game by approximately 20 pins. We can take most of the credit for our 3-1 victory, but we must give a little credit to the Little Caesars who struggled in the presence of greatness. In the Battle of the Bowling Shirts, it was orange on black versus red on black. Red was the victor.

Tonight’s BM Report Stat of the Week has to concern our cleanup man, the Italian Scallion, JD. As has been thoroughly documented, though perhaps not thoroughly enough, Daniele was in a slump, a bad slump. He began the BIA easily leading the team in average with a 150. Then, his game began to slide, so much that he was erased from the record books. He bottomed out in mid-December with back to back 381 series, but since that time, he has been resurrected. Over the last two weeks, he has been over 450 and last night led the team with a 474. I will not declare the slump over because doing so would only doom it to return. Let’s just say that he has put a nice dent in it.

#1 just keeps on ticking. Everything seems to be working for Juan Pablo. He split the leaderboard with JD picking up nine highs of the night including Game 3, in which he recorded a 174. He also led the team in marks, mark%, spares, fewest opens, pickup%, single pin%, and accuracy. Johnebob is the undisputed king of the 2nd ball. He converted 60% of his spare opportunities, and nobody else even came close. Uncle John tied two of his prior spare records with 15 overall and 6 of the single pin variety.

On Deck
It seemed like an off night for the #2 man, which is a good thing because it was remarkably average. He averaged 140.7 pins, only 1/3 of a pin below his current average of 141. T-Bone bottomed out with a 132 in Game 3 and topped out with a 154 in Game 2. Overall it was a relatively consistent night but consistently mediocre. Xander struggled mightily in picking up spares, collecting only 36.4% of his chances and did not get a single yellow rectangle on the leaderboard.

In the Hole
There were concerns about the Maple Leaf, who returned to bowling after almost a full month without touching the hardwood. His skin was stained with the melanin of the Belizean sun. Both factors would suggest an off night for the rookie, but he had a solid night. The RCMP averaged 135.3 pins on the night, a full 8.3 over his average. He carried us through the 2nd game with a solid 160, and dominated the 3rd frame with an 18.7 average.

JD rediscovered the record board this week by leading the team in Game 1 and setting a new record with a 191. He was tops in series, average, handicapped pins, strikes, strike%, and 1st ball average. He averaged 158 pins a game, while recording 11 strikes and a 1st ball average of 8.5. Seeing the return of our cleanup man to his standard form was a welcome sight, and his Qubica Bowland Buster House Ball has earned the title of "Ball of the Week". Good on ya' J-Dog.

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