Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Red, White, and Becker

The Becker effect:
To all the millions reading, think about this: Rory Becker's day went from jamming hard to his rod Stewart Box set (extend version) to watching the single best game in Movement history. I can only imagine how special that must have been for him. Just being allowed to hang with such smart, good-looking, strong, funny, personable, witty, skilled men is privelege enough, but to see that game, what a night.
The normal team member from the 51st state (Canada) was busy with green card obligations, thus THE BECKER EFFECT. While not particularly skilled at bowling, Rory was able to provide a steady flow of pitchers for the three constant Bowl Movement members. After a bumpy first game, where other teams would certaimly have conceded the total pin count for the night, this team of juggernuats was undaunted. A nice second game of steady bowling, with Becker in tow, brought the match to 1-1. Normally, when a team blows up for 919 pins in the third and final game of the night, they win. But not on this night. The Movements not only beat the 919, but put up a unimaginable 1,007 pins and took the overall pin count to go 3-1 on the night. 1,007, that is alot of pins, most known cultures do not even have number systems that go that high, thankfully ours does. You know the team score is good when you need a comma when typing it. Statistically based as this blog is, the key stat of last night was the high coefficient of pain we brought, which I calculated using a dominating regression equation.
Now you may ask yourself, What in the hell is this Becker effect? Did he carry the team that night? No, he did not. While the rest of the team all bowled a third game with scoes well over 170, Becker was slummin with a 165. What then did he really do? Nothing really, but he is American. 100% Red, White, and Becker.

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  1. Well done on your virgin post, JD. I agree. Becker did not seem to appreciate how good he looked by just being nearing us.


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