Thursday, January 15, 2009

Special Delivery

Riddle me this ---It is round, it is cheesy, it is pepperoni laden, it is made with all organic crust, and it was intended to throw us off our bowling game. What is it?
“It”, is a yummy Little Caesar’s pizza pie given to us by our bowling adversaries on Monday night. The pizza was an ill-fated attempt to throw us off our game and tilt the odds in their favor.
Now, sure, it has been said the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and pizza ranks number one in the United States for delivered food, posting a whopping 162,000 tons per year. (followed closely by Chinese take-out and Meals on Wheels). So the logic for the opposing team to befriend us with pizza seems valid. Alas, it did not go to plan. Instead, we ate free pie, and posted a 3-1 victory for the night.
So, on an evening where the Little Caesar’s team thought they were going to distract us, the opposite occurred. It turns out Little Caesar’s heard a knock on their door and within 2 hours of placing the pizza in front of us, we in turn hand delivered one extra-large beatdown.

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