Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Sub, The Snub, and The Simian

Call it a renewed sense of purpose, if you will. The Movements, once a cupcake team, now dominate even the league's best. A 4-0 beating of the second place team made this team of young upstarts 14-2 in the young second half. We are so good, we even get intimidated by the thought of us walking in there on Monday nights.

It was, well, great to have Joey G. rollin the way he was. He was TCB'in (Takin Care of Business). Sheer domination from our sub, much like Becker provided. Much appreciated.

No Surovell, no problem. Is an Inauguration that was televised on every network worth missing league? An obvious nay. Rumor has it the good Dr. held up a sign at the Inauguration that read, "Hey Barak, come fly on my UFO!" The votes have not been counted yet, but Dr. Political may have been voted off in favor of our new, calm, cool, and collect super sub. (Stay tuned)

As our token math dork, Todd was missed. Geoff looked like a proto-simian doing Chinese arithmatic. There were tears of pain from Geoff as he tired to write down something, something that resembled anything, on that piece of paper. There were several primal hoots and hollers from Geoff, and at one point he looked to be throwing feces in frustration. Nobody really knows what in the hell he did write. Maybe it was some proto-simian language he speaks. By the end of the night, the paper looked as if a gang of zoo gorillas broke in and went to town on it! Of note: For whatever reason, he was craving Bananas at nights end.


  1. Nice work guys, especially you, Gingy. We are going to have to work extra hard to rediscover our natural position in league, 8th. And if you think you can keep me on the sidelines to be your stats monkey, good luck.

  2. It was an honor to attend league night for our 4-0 defeat of the Lazers. After a few horrible practice rounds with one of our teammates on Friday I was nervous to help defend the 1st place status of the movements. But after arriving at the alley and finding my new secret weapon, the “15 pounds of purple magic”, I was able to meet the calling. As I hurled the “15 pounds of purple magic” down the lane at a slack-jaw inspiring speed of 18.3 mph I was able to meet my average and in conjunction with my extremely high handicap (94) I was able to contribute to the astounding 4-0 win. Such play, however, will raise my average for my next “Sub” opportunity -- thus creating a new challenge for my future movement experience.

  3. In an effort to bring your team to the forefront of Americas' everyday life, I changed all of my coworkers' homepages to this site. Sadly they have, without exception, changed them back... even the crazy foreigner (as I affectionately call her when no one else is around) changed hers back to something about kittens.

  4. Good work k-terk. I wondered why our visitor count had skyrocketed. Stupid kittens.


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