Monday, February 9, 2009

Action speaks louder than words..

I realize all of you love my posts. You find them witty, funny, and written so well you feel a pulitzer is in order. Alas, I have bad news. We have not bowled well of late. In lue of our recent back-to-back 1-3 weeks I am taking a vow of blog silence. You will not hear from me again until we win (or go 2-2). That is, after all, our objective. I begin BM report blog silence now. My fans lament this day.
Of Note: I will be starting a "Check the Vow" blog. It will be a weekly update for you on how my vow of BM report blog silence is going.

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  1. My heart breaks. Tears are gumming up my mouse at work. I think I can safely say that this is the bravest, most selfless act since that one guy with a beard did that one thing someone wrote a book about....damnit, what's his name?

    He wore sandals....

    Drove a blue car I think....

    Nah, I lost it. Sorry.


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