Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bowling Scoring and Statistics Spreadsheet

Note: I have since created a new version of the spreadsheet, which you can find here.

Are you looking for a way to quantify your bowling game, or way to track your progress or regress? Do you want to know how often you pick up single pin spares or your strike percentage? Would you like to be able to quantify these stats for your whole bowling team from week to week? Well, you have found the right place. Our bowling spreadsheet is the Bowl Movements’s gift to the world. We use it to create our box scores (Here’s an example). You can have it free of charge. For absolutely nothing. Yes, we are nice people. In return, you should read our blog more often and tell your friends about it. That's all we ask.

How does it work?
The Bowl Movements bowling statistics spreadsheet is a remarkably simple thing. It is currently set up for teams with four bowlers who play a three game series. If you want to use it to track the stats of a single bowler, you can do this, too. All you have to do is enter bowler initials and frame by frame ball scores (and handicap if you have one), and the spreadsheet does the rest. It calculates the score for the game, and automatically provides a suite of statistics:
  • Marks: The total number of strikes and spares received
  • Strikes: The total number of strikes
  • Strike Opps: Strike opportunities, or the number of chances you had to roll a strike. This varies between 10 and 12 depending what happened in the 10th frame. This stat is used to calculate Strike%.
  • Strike%: This is the percent of strike balls you throw. It is calculated as strikes/(strike opps)x100
  • Spares: The total number of spares
  • Spare Opps: Spare opportunities, or the number of chances you had to convert a spare. This varies between 0 and 10 depending upon how many strikes you received. This stat is used to calculate Pickup%.
  • Pickup%: The percent of spares you picked up. It is calculated as spares/(Spare Opps)x100
  • Opens: The total number of open frames
  • Single Pin: The number of single pin spares you picked up.
  • Single Pin Opps: The number of opportunities you had to pick up single pin spares (i.e., you received a nine on the first ball).
  • SP%:The percent of single pin spares you converted: (Single pin)/(Single Pin Opps)x100.
  • 1st ball average: This is the average score you received on the first ball of each frame. For the significance of this stat, see here.
  • Accuracy: This stat attempts to capture your overall accuracy. It varies from 0 to 100%. For a detailed explanation of its derivation and significance see here.
For each game, the spreadsheet also charts score progression for each bowler, and for the entire series and bowler all of these stats plus a few more are provided:
  • Series: The sum of your scores for all three games.
  • Average: Your average score for the three game series
  • Handicapped pin total: If you bowl in a handicapped league, enter your handicap, and the spread sheet will calculate your handicapped pin total for the series.
But that’s not all. The spreadsheet will also calculate the average score by frame for each bowler and for the team as a whole. Any other statistics you’d like to see? Should I make different configurations for different leagues? If you have any suggestions for improving the spreadsheet, just leave a comment below.

To get the spreadsheet, just click here.

[Addendum: I have since updated the sheet to fix a bug. I also added a blank sheet for a three man and five man team due to requests. The link for the updated spreadsheet is the same.]

1. This is an Excel spreadsheet, version Office 1997-2003.
2. Make sure you use a capital “X” for strikes. Depress Caps Lock when entering scores.
3. To record a spare, use backslash “\”.
4. To record a gutter ball or a throw in which no pins were recorded, just leave the cell blank. DO NOT ENTER A DASH “-“.
5. If you want to use it for multiple nights of bowling, just copy the worksheet as many times as you like.


  1. Single-handedly the greatest bowling tool ever. It might even be more important to bowlers' games than a bowling ball. I'm not on a team (I am, in fact, a repulsive person), but if I was, we'd use this... and we'd be glorious!

  2. Hello my name is Chris from and I would love to see what I can do to work with you and your blog articles. Maybe I can try and sponsor you or pay you for your time.



  3. Hey Chris,

    Really? If you are serious, send me an email at


  4. Yes I sent you a message too. I am the owner of and we are a bowling site for bowlers. I want to help anyone in any way that I can. Sometimes it might not be much, yet as a team, we can do many things.


  5. Hello Todd....I sent you a message. I really want to turn this into a database. Please check your email account.


  6. This is exactly what I was looking for to better track team stats during a long collegiate season. Thank you

  7. No problem. Always lookin' out for my bowling peeps.

  8. Any chance the format could be adjusted for 5-man teams and more than a three game series. This is better than any format out there.

  9. No problem. I'll try to get it posted on Monday. -Todd

  10. Hey Anonymous,

    I have finished a 5-person version of the spreadsheet, but I am currently out of town for the next few week or so, so I can't post it. if you email me at, I can send it to you. Also, can you explain exactly what you mean by "more than a three game series?" I can modify this thing various ways. The simplest solution with the current setup is to make multiple copies of the worksheet.


  11. From an avid bowler this thing is awesome...I set it up for 2 league for my boys and 34 week and one 36 week league. My only question is to have it keep YTD stats when you do what i did. If so let me know I would be very interested in that. Thanks for all you do..Keep up the great work.

  12. Sorry for the delay. I have been out of town. By YTD stats, am I correct to assume that you want to track pin totals, marks, strikes, spares, etc. for the entire season? In essence, you would like a summary table for each bowler. There are various ways I could do this, but I think the simplest would be to just make a slightly different version of the last table that can be copied and pasted into other spreadsheets representing each bowler. If you are looking for something a bit more automated, I will have to write some code. I am willing to do so, but I fear that this thing will slowly become a completely different animal.

  13. Hello, Thank you for making such a great spreadsheet. I am going to start using it this season. Is there any way you could make one more tab for a 5 man team? I can't wait to start putting in info.

  14. I just posted the updated spreadsheet which includes a blank page for a five person team. It is available via the same link. Stay tuned for version 2 of the spreadsheet which will enable long term tracking of statistics. -Todd

  15. Hi! Great spreadsheet. I would like to have a 4 game sheet with 4 or 5 players. Also a sheet for 8 man team.

    Then I would like to ask if I can get the non looked version so I can translate it into Swedish?

  16. Alright folks. You have just taken this to a new level. Daniel, are you serious? You want to translate it to Swedish? Well, listen, I am happy to share this thing as I have done now for many months, but as more folks ask for more versions, the amount of work required to modify the current spreadsheet to accommodate all of these requests is getting a little out of hand.

    So, here's what I'll do. I will completely redo it so it is flexible enough to accommodate any league configuration and track long term statistics. Also, I'll unlock it. I have always had it locked because it was a lot of work to put this thing together, and I didn't want other people to take it and sell it. Oh well. It's probably happened already.

    Anyway, I'll get to work on a new version. It will be essentially the same thing, but I'll have to embed some macros, meaning programs. It will make it a tad more difficult to use, but for the most part, you won't notice a difference.

    Please be patient as I have a life beyond this spreadsheet, believe it or not.

  17. Hi!
    Sry if I made you upset. Didnt mean to do that.
    Its just that it would have been great to have a 4 game sheet with 4 or 5 players becuase thats how we play in our leauge.

    I understand that this is much work and belive me if I could do this my own I would.

    Translate it into swedish just becuase it would be easier to understand.

    Sry if I made you upset man that was not my intention.

  18. Daniel,

    You didn't make me upset. I've just been busy lately. I want this thing to be useful for everybody. It has just ballooned into a lot of work, and you are far from the first person to make a request. Stayed tuned. I'll get it up and running in a form that works for you, and mina svenska ar fruktasnvart.


  19. Hahaha you know some swedish thats nice to hear =)
    I´ll stay tuned..


  20. Hey Daniel,

    I've got a new version of the spreadsheet should that should accommodate your needs. I'm still working on it, so I'm not quite ready to post it, but if you want to try it out, send me an email at I'll send it you that way.


  21. I have now posted an updated version of the spreadsheet. You can find it here:

    If you have further comments, please post them there.

  22. Probably a dumb question, but I have just started using this and want to know what to do so I can use it for the entire season. Am I missing something or can you only log one week?

  23. No, you can archive the data and look at totals and averages for any period of time. Are you using the current version?

  24. Could this sheet be modified to record any splits, the type of split, and of course a split conversion percentage/qty? Just a thought. Great sheet by the way. I bowl both in a scratch league and a handicapped league. I'm excited to use this with the team, but also very excited to use this with my Probability and Statistics students. Gotta love data! Thx, Matt

  25. This spreadsheet is awesome!! I wonder though, can it be modified for candlepin bowling? In candlepin you get a third ball, and if you get all pins on the third ball its scored as a "10".



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