Wednesday, February 18, 2009

City Classic Update

I stopped by the Lanes of Laramie today to see how we stand in the City Classic. First, apparently we bowled in the "City Championships," not the "Classic". Second, despite our valiant efforts, we will probably not place. To date, 24 teams have bowled. By handicapped pin total, we currently rank 6th. By scratch pin total, we are 22nd. What does this mean? Well, first we should be proud of ourselves that we aren't the worst bowling team in Laramie. There are at least two who are worse. The first place team, whose name I can't remember (something like Laramie Lanes CTG), has a handicapped pin total of 2,916. We came in at 2,859 using the tournament handicapping system. In order to get 2,916, we would have needed to bowl 86 pins above average per game as a team. This should give you an idea of the magnitude of the challenge. If a 90% handicapping system had been in play, we would have come in at 2,970. In other words, the 80% handicap is what fucked us over, but I suppose we should be thankful that a handicapping system was in play at all.

I was told on Monday night that roughly 1 in 8 teams place, and that 54 teams were competing. So, at least six teams should be paid. Normally, this would mean that the top three scratch and handicap teams will earn winnings. We do not fall in either group. If a team appears both in the top three handicap and scratch groups, they will only be paid once. So, there is an outside chance that we could squeak in there. Of course, there are still at least 30 teams left to bowl, so our chances of even remaining in the top 10 are minimal.

We should be proud of ourselves. I feel very confident that we will finish in the top 20-30%, and I would be surprised if any team exceeded their averages to the extent that we did. Our dream of having the name "Bowl Movements" engraved in the City Championship plaque for eternity will have to wait for another day.

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