Wednesday, February 11, 2009

That Didn’t Go According to Plan

I planned a Rocky III type performance for Monday night, but if I’m not mistaken, Rocky won that fight, didn’t he? Maybe we were trying to mimic his first fight with Clubber Lang. We took only one of four for the third week in row. We have clearly hit our slump. The Bowl Movements aren’t moving. It seems like a constipation joke should follow here, but I’m not in much of a joking mood.

So, we’ve gone 3-9 over the last three weeks. On top of that, JD promised a vow of silence until we have a winning or even 2-2 night. He will have to deliver, silence that is. Now is the winter of our discontent. The pins aren’t falling like they used to.

While it’s easy to focus on the bad, I’ll point out a few good things. We bowled above average for the 8th straight week, and our pin totals climbed for two weeks in a row. On Monday night, we recorded 1,747, or an average of 145.6 per roller per game for the team. It’s hard to complain about that. On another night, this could have brought a 2-2 result or even a 3-1. I put up my first 500 series ever with a 519. Johnny found his strike throw, picking up 13 and tying the record in that category. Gee-off dramatically changed his throw, and although he struggled a bit, it should pay dividends as he starts to master it. Joe continued at a decent clip in the spare realm picking up 40%.

Here’s a brief note about the demoralizing loss in Game 3. We put up 872 handicapped pins. We lost by five. In the 10th frame with the 3rd bowler bowling his 2nd ball and ten pin standing, the only way the Lounge could win would be by accomplishing at least the following: pickup the spare, and strike the bonus ball. The final bowler needed at least strike-strike-six. If any of these things did not happen, we would have won. But they pulled it off. So, we lost with an 872. Is an 872 loss common?
We now have 44 games in our database. For scores between 850 and 875, we have lost 5 of 9 games. What is striking is that if our score exceeds 875, our chances of victory increase dramatically. We have won 12 of 14 games between 875 and 900, or 85.7%. The highest losing score we have on record was an average of 879.3 on December 15. The next highest was an 876. So, a loss with an 872 is a bit unlucky but not particularly unusual.

Lead Off
The Johnebob from Monday was not the Johnebob we know. He struggled with spares all night long, but he found his strike ball tying the record with 13. Because of his first ball prowess, he still averaged over 150 pins. He took the strike category and had the 2nd highest series with a 454.

On Deck
The Green Lady was behaving as I had my best week ever. A 519 series brings me half way to the 700 club if I can ever break the 200 mark in league. The best news of the night for me was a 60% pickup percentage, far and away my best ever, but still a long way from UJ’s record of 71.6%. This performance should finally bring my handicap under 70. Let’s hope I keep it there.

In the Hole
Gee-off abandoned the overhand reverse spin ball for an underhand heater. Whipping it around 18 mph was a new look for the Maritimer, but it may take a week or two to figure out how to control Captain Midnight at high velocity. G-Spot kept alive his hot streak on single pins, leading the team in that category with JD and picking up 50%.

Clean Up

Papa D averaged a hearty 135.3 pins, definitely respectable but well below his average. His strike ball has faded a bit lately, only recording five on Monday. He picked up 60% of his single pins and 40% of his spares overall. This week, he was the first to crest the 10,000 pin mark for the season, something he would like to attribute to superb bowling skills, but is more so due to his perfect attendance record.

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