Friday, March 20, 2009

Bowling like a Special Olympian

The big news of the day concerns our president's Special Olympics crack on Jay Leno last night. When I was watching the interview, as soon as he said it, I knew it would be trouble. Ob's also gave us another important piece of news. He has a new high score at bowling, a 129. This is a full 92 pins better than his previous high score. Which news is more important? That Obama makes Special Olympics jokes, or that his bowling has improved?

Obviously, the answer is his bowling. Consider that Barack Obama is an athletic fellow, and that he is very competitive. Shouldn't it be obvious that he would spend some spare time in the White House bowling alley trying to improve his game? You knew he would. I expect him to be regularly bowling in the 150's by the end of his first term. To struggle at a competitive endeavor for a guy like Obama is an endless source of frustration. He will not let that stand. They say that Obama never makes the same mistake twice. So, when he returns to the Pleasant Valley Lanes in Altoona, PA three and half years from now, he will put up a respectable score. This also means that he will not make any more Special Olympics jokes (publicly).

I will note that we all make jokes at the expense of others, and most often part of the humor involves differences that we recognize between ourselves and the subject of the joke. That our president does this too does not surprise me nor bother me, despite cringing when he made that statement. It's just something presidents should never do, and despite his comment, I would be very surprised if our President held any prejudice against folks with three #21 chromosomes. So, while this incident might keep Fox News busy for months, I can think of worse things for Presidents to do. Here's a short list:

1) Go to war illegally and on false premises.
2) Condone torture.
3) Detain individuals without charge or access to courts.
4) Drive the economy into the ground.
5) Stand around while New Orleans drowns.
6) Hire a VP who shoots somebody in the face while drunk.
7) Spy on American citizens without warrants.
8) Ignore science.
9) Out a CIA agent for political reasons.
10) Interfere in the private affairs of a family who has a brain dead member in the hospital.

Considering the above, I think it is quite nice that all we have to worry about is Barack Obama making fun of his bowling at the expense of Special Olympian bowlers.

[And here's a prediction. The next time we hear of the President's bowling, his high score will be a 148.]

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