Thursday, March 26, 2009


They say that momentum is huge. Two weeks in a row, we have gone 3-1. We almost went 4-0 against the Caesars this week. Four weeks remain in this season, and we need every win we can get. We have moved back into 2nd place, but we are a long way from first. The Movements are gaining speed like a stampeding herd of bison. Nothing can stop us, not even the team with at least four names: Team 2, Jeffrey's Bistro, The Mighty Hucks, and The Mighty Hulks. We get them next week. Last time we met up, we got slammed. Pay back time.

We bowled well this week. Still, it wasn't a dominating performance, but it was good enough to win. It helped that the Pizza Boys only had three bowlers, but what helped more was that the Iowan bowls for us. He put up his third 200 game in three weeks, and he has been carrying us. In all, we put up 1,743 pins, our 9th best on record. We have definitely bowled better, but on Monday night it was enough for three wins. Surpisingly we set one new team record, single pin spares. We got 20. Johnebob picked up all six of his chances. I got 6 of 9. El Jefe led the team with 7 (out of 13). Joe added one. We also tied our record for spares with a total of 45. There were a lot of spare opportunities as our strike numbers have fallen off a cliff lately. In fact, Johnebob got more strikes (n=15) than the rest of us combined (n=13). We need to rediscover ball No.1.

The stat of the week concerns John and Joe. John has been on fire lately, and I don't mean in a bowling way. Well, that way, too, I guess. We all have our ups and downs, but since early February, Johnebob's game just keeps climbing. Aside from hitting 200 three weeks in a row, his series totals have been climbing like a Nepali sherpa. With two 500 series back to back, he has put up 1,086 pins in the last two weeks. He has established himself as the No. 1 Bowl Movement in the world. It has been a joy to watch.

Daniele, by contrast, has had a strange season. He dominated the first half putting up a stellar 150 average, but since then has fallen off the face of the earth, like I did last season. It started with a shoulder injury which led to a new throw, which has been impossible to figure out. Jose, we need you back buddy, but remember this is a team sport. When one bowler struggles, the rest of us will carry you. Remember that picture of the Bowl Movements's walk on the beach? There were four sets of foot prints, and then when you were struggling, there was only one. You thought that we had abandoned you in your time of need. No. Johnebob was carrying Geoff, who was carrying me, who was carrying you. If you look closely at that picture, you can see that big jumble of footprints where four dudes were climbing on top of each other. Hmm. Something about that doesn't sound right.

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