Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nice Try, Pinnius

Nice try, Pinnius. Everytime I put you down, we bowl well. I am not going to start adoring you because you donned AZ basketball gear. You're still a fat slob, even when you squeeze into a Nic Wise jersey. I bet you're going to miss that dunk and clang it off the rim. More likely you'll clang the rim right off the backboard with that divine 16 pounder. We don't need you, Pinnius. You see, just like the Wildcats, we were the 12 seed going into the 2nd half of the Bernaski season. We were that bad. There are only 10 teams in the league, and they gave us a 12 seed. But just like the Wildcats, we are sitting in a position nobody could foresee. We had our Utah (Laramie Lazer Wash), and we had our Cleveland State (Lesser Fat). Tomorrow night, we get our Louisville in the Caesars, and we are going to win without your holy blessing. I bet you were one of those gods up there in bowling heaven saying that the Cats would get bounced, just like you prognosticated for the Bowl Movements. Well, they're still dancing, just like the Movements. So, shut your "omiscient" pie hole, and get that beautiful jersey off your fat torso before you get mustard on it.

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