Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Something to Write Home About

It is always a pleasure to write about a good night of bowling. Don't get me wrong. It was not spectacular, but it was far better than our other recent outings. We set two new team records, Game 1 pin total (626) and single pin spares (18). Johnebob put up the highest score on record, a 225, which was his 2nd 200 game in two weeks. We should come away with at least two wins. Why "should"? We bowled unopposed.

We were supposed to face the mighty men of the team known as Lesser Fat, but they were a no show, something about "Spring Break." The truth is that they were scared, and they should have been. We came out after freshly insulting Pinnius and having been beat down week after week. We stood tied for 3rd place in the league. It was time to make our move. We have been using the "Sea Biscuit Strategy." In short, you start strong, then fall back letting another team or two to get a taste of the lead. Then, you finish strongly and blow them away to take the victory.

Based on 56 games on record, it is possible to estimate with some precision what last night's performance will mean in terms of wins and losses. If Lesser Fat does not make up the game, we go 4-0. If they do, anything is possible, but certain outcomes are more likely than others. Here are the probabilities:

0-4: 1.2%
1-3: 10.3%
2-2: 32.6%
3-1: 38.7%
4-0: 17.2%

In short, it would be really unlikely and unlucky for us to win fewer than two games. This would occur less than 12% of the time. Our most likely outcome is 3-1, followed by 2-2. A 4-0 night is more likely than a 1-3. Time will tell.

The big news from last night was Johnebob's 225. With that monster game, he now holds the records for high game scores for every game, with each score exceeding 200. If you want to take away one of his records, you will have to roll at least a 201. In honor of this achievement, I thought I would look at everyone's high scores by game, shown below.

Everybody's high scores fall within a fairly narrow range. The rookie has put up highs of 169, 168, and 157 for Games 1 to 3, respectively. Joe and I have very similar highs ranging between 182 and 193. Johnebob is in a league of his own with 201 (Game 2), 213 (Game 3), and 225 (Game 1). I think John has moved into a new phase of his bowling career, which brings me to one final point. We have now observed bowlers over an extended period of time. At least three phases of bowler are recognizable. They are listed below.

Phase 1: Rookie Bowler (Avg: 110-135) Movements: Geoff
Phase 2: Developing Bowler (Avg: 135-150) Movements: Joe, Todd
Phase 3: Transitional Bowler (Avg 150-165) Movements: John

The remaining phases have yet to be determined. But thank Pinnius, we finally came together as a team, largely due to the efforts of our leadoff man who dominated the leaderboard. Now that's something to write home about.

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