Monday, April 6, 2009

Getting Lazered in the Eye

In case you were wondering if the BM Report had perished, not at all. Three of the Movements spent the week in Cody, Wyo, and I did not have the opportunity to report on last Monday's match. At the outset, let me just say that we got our collective ass kicked by Lazer Wash. It was like getting lasered in the eye, and I'm not talking about Lasik surgery. I mean it was like they took some high powered He-Ne lasers, and pointed them right into our eyeballs.

We bowled poorly. Forget all that stuff I wrote about improving at bowling. We seem to be sliding. Here's the good, the bad, and the ugly. The Good- Over the previous five weeks of bowling, we had only broken the 30 strikes mark one time. This is something we had done regularly in prior weeks. Last week, we got 33.

The Bad- We lost three of four games and had our worst week on record as a team recording only 1,629 pins. JD made a run for the record books trying to beat Geoff's low game record of 88, but he failed in the last frame, instead only managing to tie it.

The Ugly- For each of the 18 weeks of the BIA, we have more marks than open frames. On Monday, we had 61 of each.

The Weird- Another statistical oddity of the night was that we recorded our worst win and loss, or maybe our worst win and best loss. In Game 2, we had a very nice 899 game (handicapped) and lost because they recorded something in the 1,000's. In the third game we rode Daniele's 88 all the way to victory with a 796. Prior to this, our lowest win was an 811.

We stunk it up.

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