Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Incredible Sulk

We are not good bowlers. This fact has been well established. The stats, graphs, and posts on this blog attest to our poor skills at this simple game. Yet, sometimes it seems like our success or lack thereof from week to week is not related to our skill or performance but instead to how our opponents bowl. This week was an excellent example. We did not bowl well, but our performance wasn't awful either.

In sum, we got 1,694 pins. This was 16 pins below our team average. It equates to an average of 141.7 pins per bowler per game, not too shabby by our standards. On top of that, we set a team record in Game 1 with 671 pins, or an average of 167.5. This was a big game for us. Handicapped, it was a 948, our 3rd highest game on record. Nonetheless, we lost. The Mighty Hulks were indeed mighty, beating us by 21 pins in that game. This sad outcome portended the rest of the night: zero wins in four opportunities.

Here are a few interesting tidbits as we head into our last week of Bernaski competition. If we lose all four, we finish at .500 for the second half of the season. So, it would be nice to get at least one. For the entire season (fall and spring), our current record is 61-62, so in fact, we have a chance of finishing above .500 for the whole season. For the 3rd worst team in the league, this would be a major accomplisment. In order to do so, we would need at least three wins. We'd have to do it against Double Calf Bird and his cronies.

On the good side, I finally broke through the 200 ceiling with an odd game in the 1st. With respect to this season, it took me 91 tries to get there. If you add to that the last two seasons, in all, it probably came after 160 games or so. It was nice to get that monkey off my back.

Speaking of 200 games, here's a little Bowl Movements trivia. In the BIA, do we have more games over 200 or under 100? I was surprised to discover the answer. In fact, it is a trick question. We have the same number of each, five. Johnebob has four 200+ games during the BIA and as least as many prior to it. I have one. Geoff has four sub-100 games, and Joe has one.

One more thought before I end this incredible sulk. We have plateaued lately. We knocked eleven pins off our team handicap between December 1 and February 16. In the subsequent eight weeks, our handicap has stagnated. It currently sits at a 277. Here's how I see it. We have all settled into our routines and our throws. It is time for some new tricks.

Here's what we need for the off season. Geoff needs to work on a spin. JD needs to master his new bowling ball. We should get a first glimpse of its effects next week. Johnebob and I need to upgrade our equipment. If so, I see another 20-40 pins off the handicap next year. Would it be possible to get it to a 150? We would have to get our team average up to a 177 or 178. It seems like a lofty goal, but I think we could it.

In Season IV, we should make our move from being the chumps of the league to being a mid-tier team.

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