Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Turkey Hunter

It’s turkey season in Wyoming, and Johnebob has a permit. Whether he actually makes it out to stalk the wiliest of gobbling prey is dependent upon the fickle spring weather of the Equality State. Rain, snow, or sun, though, we must ask whether Johnebob is up to the task. Which of the Bowl Movements it the most likely to bag a turkey when given the opportunity?

In this post, I look at our team strike stats. In some ways, they are predictable. In other ways, not so much. I began keeping track of our feeble attempts to bowl on December 1, 2008. Since that time, I have painstakingly recorded 252 games of bowling by hand. Johnebob and JD rolled 63. Jefe and I got 60, and Becker and Gingy, 3 each. Excluding subs, our strike totals are:

John: 204 3.24 per game
Todd 193 3.22 per game
Joe: 155 2.46 per game
Geoff: 103 1.72 per game

The key to big game scores is stringing together the X’s. So, the raw number of strikes is not as important as a bowler’s ability to put them up consecutively. The following graphs show the frequency of singles, doubles, turkeys, etc. by bowler during the BIA. Johnebob leads the team in singles with 113. I am the king of the double with 34. John dominates turkeys with 11. John and Joe both have two four-baggers, and I have the only five in a row from the BIA. El Jefe is still looking for his first turkey in league.

But the question at hand is not who has the most turkeys, but who is the best turkey hunter? Given an opportunity to bag a turkey, who most often steps up to the occasion? Here’s how I solved this problem. If a bowler got two strikes in a row, how often did they pick up at least the third? The best turkey hunter is… Johnebob. He picks up a turkey approximately one out of every three tries. Daniele is second best with a 24.1% conversion rate. While Daniele is definitely the best and most prolific chicken choker on the team, Geoff and I are clearly the best turkey chokers.

Good luck with your turkey, Johnny. You are the right man for the job.

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