Friday, August 21, 2009

Anyone else get their copy of US Bowler?

When I recently received my Fall 2009 issue of US Bowler magazine, my first thought was, "Why is Sarah Palin on my bowling magazine?" Then, I did what I usually do with it. I thumbed through it on the way to its normal storage location, the trash can. No offense to Pete Tredwell, but I find this publication to be less than desirable and only marginally readable. They really need to spruce it up. New content would be nice. Heck, I'd be happy to contribute some BM type material. Take for example the story titled "All-American Bowler?!?" on p. 12 with a pic of some tweaked out rocker dude looking like an idiot. Is this supposed to appeal to the kids or the rebels in the USBC? It does not appeal to me. Anyway, the content of p. 21 really takes the cake for the easiest humor in the whole magazine. Did anyone else notice this ad? I mean come on Executive Editor Pete Tredwell, did you think that there was no intended double entendre? It speaks for itself. It reads like a bad pickup line at the bowling alley lounge.

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  1. I always spelled pearl necklace P-A-B-S-T. Maybe I should head back to college and brush up on the fundamentals?


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