Friday, August 28, 2009

Bowling Alley Mural Review: Space Dolphins

Every art lover knows the feeling. You walk into a room in the back corner of a gallery, and hanging on the wall is a piece that speaks to your soul. You stand there. Silently. Absorbing the piece into your being so that its memory will forever be burned into the neurons of your mind. The alley mural known to aficionados of bowling art as "Space Dolphins" by Anonymous is just such a piece. It is a composition so striking, so beautiful, and so perfect that when one steps up to bowl, it is difficult to even begin your approach as you soak in its majesty.

The center of the mural depicts a watery planet on which resides a pod of serene blue space dolphins. The space dolphins must spend their calm nights staring into the "pinny" sky pondering the bowling pin satellites of their world. Rendered in a full air-brushed pseudo-impressionistic style, one is taken aback by the shiny orbs that cohabitate dolphin space. Only one word truly can describe this work of art. Masterpiece.

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  1. Wow. That would make a great tattoo. Each team member could get a part of it and when you came together as a team, the tattoo and the team could become one in the masterpiece known as space dolphins.


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