Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Air is Pretty Thin Up Here

Anybody have an oxygen tank? It's getting hard to breathe up here on top of the league. We're not really used to being this high. I mean Laramie is way up there, like 7,200 feet above sea level. But we're 11-1. We've won nearly 92% of our games this season. We're going to need Sherpas to carry our balls into the lanes if we keep this up.

Last night the lanes were dry. How dry were they? They were so dry that most strikes to be had were Brooklyn's. They were so dry that grains of sand were piling up into barchan dunes on the leeward side of the lanes. They were so dry that they made the Atacama look moist. They were so dry that in the 6th frame of Game 2, Daniele had to bowl a strike through the legs of a dromedary migrating southward with a Bedouin caravan. In addition to the unusually xeric lane conditions we were up against P. Rose, the 2nd place team in the league. Not to mention, "forced" by extraneous circumstances, I "had to" show up to bowling stinking of Jameson.

Despite all of these factors, the Movements went 4-0. We were led this week by Daniele and Johnebob. The rookie came back to Earth, and I dropped my average a nice 10 pins or so. Daniele took the majority of the leader board, missing two milestones by a hair. In the 1st game and 10th frame, he was sitting on a spare with a 174. He went 7-spare to get his score to a 192. He needed eight pins to reach the promised land, but on his bonus ball, he got a 7 to finish with a 199. For the night, he put up a 495 series, missing the fiver by five pins. He had a great night picking up spares, getting 65.2% of his chances including going 8 for 9 on single pins.

Johnebob had a nice bounce back with a 473 series bringing his average over 150. He carried us in Game 3, and took the high 1st ball average for the week with an 8.60. The Gingmeister struggled as rookies should, ending with a 358 series. The 2nd ball wasn't there for him, as he only got 9.1% of his spares including going 0 for 7 on single pin chances. This is after he picked up more than 50% last week. I had decent games in the first and second and finished with a 113 in the 3rd. I guess the boozing finally caught up with me.

So, here are two statistical notes for the night. First, let's look at Gingis Khan's 0 for 7 on single pin spare opportunities. It seemed to me very unlikely that anyone had ever matched this stat, so I thought I would check. I compiled all 0-for single pin series on record. It turns out it has only happened two other times. On the 23rd of February, the Canadian went 0 for 3, and on March 30, Daniele went 0 for 1. In short, Gingy set a record that is not only very unusual, but also should be tough to beat.

In Game 3, Daniele was frustrated by the number of 9's he was getting on his first ball. In that single game, it happened seven times. He asked me to check if anybody has ever done that before. It turns out that nobody has. For the 288 games we have on record, this is the first time it has been done. The most common occurrence is two first ball scores of nine. We have seven occurrences of six 9's in a single game. JD's seven is the most ever.

These two stats make a nice contrast. On the one hand, Gingy went 0 for 7 when a single pin was left standing. In the third game, Joe picked all but one of his chances, of which there were only six because the 7th case was on the bonus ball in the 10th.

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  1. So that is not the record I was trying to reach - But what a great time to put up such a record. If I could have only put up the low game record while we won - terrific!


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