Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bernaski Season Preview

At 8:00 PM sharp on the warm evening of August 31, Anno Domini 2009 the greats of Laramie bowling convened for the austere occasion of the Informational Meeting of the Bernaski Memorial Bowling league. Dress was formal. Six teams sent representatives including Lazer Wash, Lounge, PBR, Lesser Fat, Prairie Rose, and the Movements. A Little Caesar had the gall to show his face just as the meeting ended. Typical.

Never before had a Movement graced the presence of the Informational Meeting, but seeing as how this was our 4th season, and how we are now firmly fixed in Laramie's bowling elite, we felt we should be there. Three of us, the core of our team, attended. We sat quietly with a pitcher of bowling juice and steely eyes letting our competition know that we meant business. No longer would we be pushed around. As a team, we will finally crest the 150 average mark, meaning we have evolved from crappy bowlers to still pretty lousy bowlers. This message was conveyed by our stoic demeanor.

Once again, we will be bowling with a new man and a new sub. Headlining the three hole in the lineup will be our super sub of last year, the Gingasaurus Rex. Subbing will be K-Terk. These two new men will be walking in footsteps of bowling midgets, serving the role of making the rest of us feel great about how far our bowling has come.

After the meeting, we rolled three games, and Johnebob and JD made a statement. Johnebob averaged a stout 196, a performance that would have set new records in almost every category had it occurred in league. JD put up his first 500 series since the start of the information age. I floundered in Season 2 form, barely putting up a 400 series.

The season begins in two weeks. We will be ready to roll and ready to dominate.

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