Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bowling Alley Mural Review: Space Ball Wars

Rendered with the delicate grace of a Delacroix battle scene, the mural Space Ball Wars by Anonymous is a classic example of the science fiction realist genre which commonly adorned 1980’s video arcade games. Bowling ball shaped craft cruise through a tightly packed solar system firing space weapons to obliterate enemy pins. As your eyes travel across the mural, you are forced to consider the brave men and women piloting these checkered space balls. This piece inspired countless other copycat bowling space murals, but none will ever live up to the original. Red tones dominate the work symbolizing war, blood, fury, and sexuality. One glance at this sure to be classic of bowling art will be felt deep within your loins.


  1. A glance at just about anything is felt deep within my loins, but this certainly brings back memories. I would play Galaga and Battle Tank for hours, my ice cream cone slowly melting down my shirt, my jams and Slap-bracelets looking majestic in their neon intensity, with my shoes all the way up to 8 pumps. I would impress the young ladies with my gaming skills, moppy haircut, and ridiculously short shorts that my mother picked out.

    But then I turned 27, and my father made me get a job. Man; this sucks.

  2. Jobs suck indeed. I have a Dig Dug in my pad in my mom's basement. If you are feeling nostalgic.

    You ever go to those arcades in Springfield Mall? Do you remember what they were called?

  3. I want to say Aladdin's Lamp, but that may have been the ones in the mall near our house in Chicago....

  4. No, it was something like "Time Out" or ??? Zone.

  5. Time Out is the name of the place in Cheyenne where I've broken the air hockey table three times this summer. This is a big shot to my memory, as I can barely remember what I had for breakfast.


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