Monday, September 21, 2009

Bowling Alley Mural Reviews: Bowlar System

Continuing in the space theme, today I review the mural Bowlar System by Anonymous. In this piece the artist envisions a galaxy in which reside planets of bowling balls in a spiral orbit gliding gently toward a pair of pins soon to be demolished. One gets the feeling that a mass extinction is to occur when these heavenly bodies collide. The artist envisions a space of blue fading to black, freeing himself from the strictly colorless space so commonly chosen as default in the space genre. In the foreground, a beautiful bowling ball is rendered in the palette of a painted bunting. Trailing and to it's right is a ball speaking to a stormy day on Mars. On the left side, is an Earth-like ball world with rings of orbiting rocky debris. Since you have now contemplated the mural for yourself, you have no doubt come to the same conclusion as have I. It is a shame that our solar system leaves so much to be desired. If only we could reside on a large bowling ball orbiting spirally toward its own demise.


  1. Never thought I'd find a similar blog! We're a mediocre team in Arlington, TX! Check out! Great posts, brother! E.B. (aka Thumbhole)

  2. Wow. I also thought we were alone in the blogosphere. Nice to see we have company. Bad bowlers unite! I'll add you to the blogroll.


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