Friday, September 18, 2009

Goals for the New Season

I don't know if anybody cares or even pays attention, but obviously, I like to set goals. Two are team goals; One is individual. I did this twice (here and here) last season, and we met them all, although it took until the final game of the season to get there. Here are a few more things to shoot for. I suspect that these will not come easily.

1. Team 2,000 series- To get a 2,000 series, we need to average 500 pins per bowler for a three game set. This equates to approximately a 167 average per bowler. Now, it is asking a bit much of the rookie to put up a 500 series, but the rest of us should be able to cover him. He'd probably need to get somewhere in the neighborhood of 430 to 450 for us to do so. Our high team series to date was a 1,938 on the 5th of January when Becker subbed for the Canadian. This week was the 2nd time we topped 1,900 with a 1,924. I think we can get to the 2k, but it won't be easy.

2. Individual 9.0 First ball average - First ball average is a great predictor of game and series scores. The higher, the better. This stat is also a great indicator of whether you are regularly finding the pocket because you should never be left with than more than two pins standing if your ball lands just off the head pin. I'd like to see one bowler average nine pins or higher for a three games series. I put up an 8.9 on the 5th of January. On the same day, Johnebob recorded an 8.8. That's as close as we've gotten.

3. Team 75% Single Pin %- We are getting better at picking up single pin spares. This week, we converted 67.7%, just under our best ever of 68% set in February. Of these three goals, this seems like the easiest.

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