Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Team 10? No, that's Team #1

We are no longer the unknown bad bowlers who walk into Laramie Lanes Lounge at 7:45 on Monday nights and sit with our pitcher of bowling juice. We are well known entities of the League of Bernaski. Case and point: When we sat down to sip the golden juice of bowling last night, Dooley walked in and said, "IT'S THE BOWL MOVEMENTS!". Not 20 minutes later did Schneider see the red and black and say "Hey, it's the Bowl Movements." We are not only known, but we are loved for our charisma, good looks, good humor, and bad bowling skills. I wouldn't say we are familiar to all in a Cheers way, where everybody knows your name, but certainly most everybody knows our team name. It must be easy to associate skills with names.

Anyway, in the 2nd week of our 4th year, we expected the league standings to reflect the history we have with the league, but alas, no. The league standings showed "Team 10" at the top of the league. Likewise, the screen above Lane 16, our home for the evening, read "League Practice, Team 10". Come on Lanes of Laramie, where's the respect for your chosen sons? We are not Team 10. We are the proud men who call themselves the Bowl Movements!

On top of this, we had no idea against whom we would bowl, and in our first opposed match of the season, it turned out to be Laramie Lazer Wash, last year's league champions. Lazer Wash is by far the best team in the league, anchored by young Baker and Caldwell, who hit 200's with the ease of a trucker picking up a hooker at the Iron Skillet. The Briefcase Baker has an average that also floats around the deuce, and The Godfather Soll bowls with the coolness of a man who is at ease with life. This was not going to be a walk in the park. We came into Week 2 leading the standings, and it would be tough to stay there against the Lazers. Yet, due to some bizarre occurrences, that's right where we are, like a blue ribbon alpaca, we're #1. Enjoy it while you can, boys. It will take a miracle for us to stay up there.

Game 1: We kicked ass, but we lost. We put up a 900 game and still fell. This is only the 2nd time this has happened. The other time was on the 6th of April against PBR. Interestingly, our 2nd worst loss occurred against Lazer Wash when we had an 899 and lost.

Game 2: We dominated. We put up 668 pins (HCP=971 pins), or an average of 167 pins per bowler. The Rookie and the Italian dueled it out for top score, and JD took it with a 186. This game was so dominant, we took the total lead in pins to give us the advantage going into Game 3.

Game 3: In this battle of greatness, the final outcome of the series would come down to Game 3. Which team would step up? Neither. We came in with a miserable 813 game (handicapped), and Lazer wash didn't even break 800. It came down to the final frame with Daniele going head to head with the younger Baker, the best bowler in the league. Both were sitting on 9th frame marks, Baker an X, and Daniele a /. Baker released his wicked high break high speed first ball, and left a nasty 2-8-10 split, which he did not pick up. Daniele went 9-. Two head to head open frames gave us the 3-1 victory for the night. Interestingly, our worst win ever, a 796, was also against Lazer Wash on March 30.

Here are some interesting statistical notes for the night. We are off to a hell of a start. Last night was our 5th best performance ever. When combined with last week, the first two weeks of the season have been our best two week performance ever, unless you count the end of last season and the start of this season. Over the last two weeks, we have recorded 3,734 pins, or an average of 155.6 pins per bowler.

We set new team records for single pin spares with 25 and single pin% with 71.4%. We also set a new team record for spares with 46 and picked up 49.5% of our spares as a team going 46 for 93. We struggled with the first ball, only getting 32 strikes. The rookie had a remarkable night picking up spares, getting 13 for 24 or 54.2%. In 20 weeks of bowling last year, the Canadian only broke the 50% mark once. The rookie is bowling well, maybe too well. He currently has a 140 average, a 21 pin improvement from last year.

Next week, if the league standings do not reflect our true identity, we will continue to take out our indignation on whomever is so unlucky as to be opposed to the red and black.

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