Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The BM Report makes it big

For all two of our readers, I should first point out that the BM Report has a rival blog, the Thumbhole Chronicles, which oddly enough is about the trials and tribulations of another team of generally crappy bowlers in Arlington, Texas. Thanks to E.B., who maintains it, we now have proof that inane ramblings about bowling can make it big. We have been featured in the October issue of Bowlers Journal International, and there is evidence of this thanks to his post. Check out the lower left of this page from the magazine (Thanks, E.B!).

Johnebob's back adorned with our scatological team name is now being admired by ball rollers around the world. Next thing you know, we'll have our own show. What should it be called? Dominating the Lanes of Laramie? Crappy Bowling? The BM Show?


  1. We prefer "developing" to "crappy," thankyouverymuch. ;)

  2. Sorry, E.B. When you are constantly using fecal adjectives to describe your own skills, one develops a tendency to view the world from the point of view of a toilet. Case in point: I used that adjective twice in one post.

  3. Sometimes the truth hurts. (sniff!)

    I'll bet if you scoured my blog, though, you'd find plenty of similar descriptions of my bowling talent... Crappy keeps me going (pun, sort of, intended). If I ever get good at bowling, I'll probably become bored and then quit. It challenges me because I'm not there yet...


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