Wednesday, October 28, 2009

BM Summary Stats

I had a request from the Rookie to keep summary stats for the season on the site. I haven't figured out a way to do this efficiently on the margin yet. So, I thought I'd just post them as a pic here. Maybe, I'll just do this from time to time. These are one of the outputs of the new version of our spreadsheet, so they're really easy to produce. Here they are without commentary. Just click on the image to enlarge.


  1. Thanks Todd - That is nice to see. Gives me some goals for the season that doesn't involve the 88 club. The only way I can think to post it on the side is similar to the list of the "box scores" - just have "Team Stats" or "Hall of Fame Pace" and the link

  2. I wish I could do that, but I can't host those box scores on this website. So, it's kind of a pain to put them up. I'll figure out something.


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