Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bowling Alley Mural Review: Future-200

Today we review the bowling alley mural Future-200 by Murrey Bowling. This imaginative design features a set of unmolested pins in its center fronted by a hybrid of Rolling Stone lips and linked knackwurst. The lanes to the right and left have wild pin action from the impact of mottled fluorescent purple and blue balls . Fiery beams from alien craft scan the pins for biological life forms. On the right margin of the piece is a bizarre object, so futuristic that the observer feels too primitive to even know what it is. But of course, what makes this mural the work of a creative genius is the anthropomorphic chrome pin setter female cyborg unit awaiting your shot with an open posture. She is something to behold, or even to be held by. This magnificent objet d'art will be enjoyed by one and all, but mostly by Trekkies, Practioners of the Force, Battlestar Galacticons, Dungeon Masters, Warcrafters, Wannabe Ewoks, Elvish speakers, Guys Who Put Scrota on their Pickups, Renaissance Fair Goers, Balloon Boy Fathers, Bowling Stats Geeks, Guys Who Claim to Know Ninjitsu, Ufologists, and other dudes desperate for female robot attention.


  1. It's none of my business-- but the poetry tickles me nonetheless-- that you used "Scrota" in a bowling blog. (I was also going to point out the unintended coincidence of your use of "blue balls," too, but I didn't want to you to think I was goin' Freudian on you.)

  2. It seemed better than "truck nuts"

  3. My keyboard is now entirely too sticky, so I'm guessing I fall into the aforementioned list of awesome.


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