Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bowling Alley Mural Reviews: Stained Glass

Today, we review the fresco di bocce titled Stained Glass by Anonymous. This magnificent piece portrays an abstract scene of pin action in a cubist rendering of stained glass. A blue bowling ball knocks asunder a purple pin, all depicted in blocky cartoonish forms divided by lead cames. Bisecting the mural horizontally is a row of pastel triangles and capping it, is a parade of purple, yellow, pink, and green balls. The playful mimicry of glass with paint is reminiscent of the great works of Chinese craft artists who reproduce classic Ming ivory sculpture in polyethylene. Bowling in the shadow of this piece puts the roller in a pious mood, as it transforms the normative alley dinge into a cathedral of sport.


  1. Gotta tell ya, never met the noun "came" until now... And my Italian needs work... Todd, I'm sure that my fellow keglerati looking in on this post would agree-- you should write catalogue copy. :)

  2. I gotta tell you, after introduced me to the word "chthonic", it has appeared in my life. It is frequently used in a book I have been reading about the relationship between Wolfgang Pauli and Karl Jung.


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