Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Dawn of K-Terk: A sub for the new generation

Next week, the rookie will be senior. Johnebob has departed for the hills to try to bring home a couple hundred pounds of wild meat. The prey? Cervus canadensis, the North American wapiti. Warming the BM bench for first six weeks of the season has been the man with "turkey" in his name, K-terk. Although he was born to bowl, he really hasn't done it much. Instead, he just sits around humming a familiar Fogerty tune. In fact, here's a video of K-terk singing that song:

To this point, the coach has pretty much just ignored him. But no longer will that be the case. The time to shine as a Movement of the Bowl has arrived, especially if he puts on a shirt.

If the future repeats the past, K-Terk will put up a forgettable performance his first time out. This is common for rookies first experiencing the bright Bernaski lights. But we will forgive him. After all, just to make an appearance at the Lanes of Laramie, he must make the perilous winter journey from Cheyenne with a 9,000 foot mountain in between. It will be good to have him back in town to mingle with the lower half of the 2nd third of Laramie's social elite.


  1. "If the future repeats the past, K-Terk will put up a forgettable performance his first time out." O ye of little faith. I'm saving his rookie card! :) Good luck from Texas, K-Terk!

  2. I'm swelling with pride right now (or maybe from a peanut allergy, but we'll call it pride). I'm happy to be able to help in anyway, and hope to break my summer 138 average tonight. The perilous evening trek has also given me an excuse to leave work 2 hours early. While not necessary, I think it will help me harness my chi.

    FYI ladies: I will be wearing a shirt, but the hat and bib overalls never come off.

  3. That video is disturbing - if I think of this tonight at the lane, I will also put up a forgettable performance. Perhaps, 88-style.


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