Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Don't bet on a pair of deuces

Every time I think I have this league figured out, the Briefcase changes things. The League of Bernaski was downsized from ten to eight teams this week, which is a surprise since I thought it was the league that everybody wanted to join. It's an exclusive club, reserved for the upper crust of the lower third of Laramie's social elite. According to last week's schedule, we were to roll against the Hulks, but upon arrival, we soon discovered that once again we would face Lazer Wash. Given their history of league domination, it may somewhat of surprise to learn that the Bowl Movements have fared well against the Lazers, at least during the BIA. Over our last three bouts, our record was a solid 8-4.

That said, we were entering the night having dropped some 43 pins off of our cap, or a total of 129 for the night. In addition, the Lazers came out of the gates looking for blood, giving us a solid beat down in the first, putting us in the hole by triple digits, 111 pins. We managed to pull off the 2nd to avoid the sweep, but they stepped it up again in the 3rd, taking 3 of 4, and giving us our first losing week of the season. Despite their humbling victory, I must note that in the 3rd game, circa 4th frame, I pulled the Black Stallion from the rack to hear Cody "Kid Wonder" Caldwell say, "I am going to pick this up." I looked up to see the old 1, 2, 4, 6, 10 leave, no doubt his first ball came in well shy of the head pin. He threw that nasty breaker, and it came in across the head pin missing it by a hair, only picking up the 2 and 4 (maybe the 10 fell, too). See Cody, I told you I'd make you famous.

In spite of the sullen mood of the night, there was one bright spot in Game 2. Both Daniele and I put up 200 games. Two in one game is a team first. In fact, we had never recorded two in one night. This was JD's first. Here is how it came about, forever immortalized below. He started the game with a turkey but couldn't convert the spare in the 4th. To start the 5th, he chucked one in the gutter but managed to convert what is known among the Movements as a "man spare". He opened up the 6th, leaving a single pin untouched. The 200 looked in doubt until he turkeyed 7 through 9. He was sitting on the turkey with a 173 as he approached the line in the 10th needing a first ball 9 to guarantee the deuce, which is exactly what he did. But he was not done yet. He rolled his 2nd ball picking up the single pin as the foot fault indicator buzzed to erase it. Only Daniele could get a 200 in such style, leaving three frames open, a man spare, and a foot fault.

Johnebob has been struggling of late. Last night, he had his worst night on record with a 380 series. At the close of last season, he replaced the old Brunswick Axis with a Brunswick Twisted fury. In the off season, all signs pointed to a big start. He was getting a ton of break and finding the pocket like mad. During the outing just prior to the start of league, he damn near got a 600 series. In league, though, he is struggling to find the pocket, often getting brooklyn's for strikes. When he does find the pocket, the breaks aren't going his way. It seems like the greasy lanes of midday suit the new ball well, while league dry is the source of his struggles. J-Bob carried the team last year, and he will soon be back.

With our loss, we now sit at 12-4. the Hulks were two games behind. Unless they swept last night, we should still have a share of the league lead. A pair of deuces was only good enough for a single win. After all, it is a fools hand to bet. Next week, it's Lesser Fat, except of course, if the Briefcase decides that we have to bowl Lazer Wash every week.

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