Thursday, October 1, 2009

Poof! There goes the handicap.

Next week we roll against The Mighty Hulks. There are two reasons why next week should be tough. For one, the Hulks have our number. In our massive archive of bowling data, this team has an impressive 7-1 record when facing the Bowl Movements. It's pretty clear that Daniele is scared of young Hopkins and Rambo.

But here's the real problem. The first three weeks of the season are over, and now our established averages are legit. This means that our handicaps will be recalculated to reflect our recent bowling. This will not be a slight hit to our team. It will be HUGE. In short, our team handicap will drop by 44 pins. So for example, a game this week that was a 900 will be an 856 next week. That's the difference between like a 94% chance of victory for that game this week to a 26% chance of victory next week.

I know you all want to blame me, and I am in part to blame. But I'm not the only one. Except for Johnebob, we are all to blame. Johnny will actually add three pins to his hcap. This is basically no change from the end of last year because of the new way that handicaps are calculated. I have done the most damage to our team by dropping my handicap by a hefty 22 pins. JD has taken 12 pins off of his handicap, and the rookie has trimmed 13.

There may be one saving grace. It is possible that other teams will suffer similarly, but I doubt it. For one, we are showing signs of improvement, possibly due to the Great Ball Transplant. For another, I think we have a lot more upside than other teams simply due to where we started- really sucking at bowling. To keep this streak alive, we are going to have to bowl as well as we have over the last three weeks and very possibly even better.

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