Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Win one for the Rox

This week, three of the Movements missed league night to go to Coors field. It was a crazy weekend. We sat for more than four hours in subfreezing temperatures on Sunday to watch the Rox lose by one in the NLDS because the Phillies put up one run in the top of the 9th.

On Monday, the hearts of 50,000 people were extracted from our chests Temple of Doom style. The Rox took a two run lead to the top of the 9th after an amazing 8th, only to have the Phil's get three to seal the victory. Once I recovered from getting emotionally yanked around like a bipolar psychopath, I thought to myself, "I missed bowling for this?" Actually, it was well worth it because they were both great baseball games, and the Rox had a great season. As crappy as it was to see them lose, I'm glad we were there.

So, soon we must make up our missed week. We will probably have to do it midday when the lanes feel like Crisco with old people, kids, and weirdos as lane neighbors. But let's win one for the Rox.


  1. We wondered when we didn't see the Tuesday morning headlines from Laramie... Yes, you missed bowling for that.

  2. I blame myself; as a Cubs/Bears fan, it is a proven fact that whatever team I root for will lose. I only watched three games of this series, and you can guess which three.

    I apologize to the Rockies fans out there, and promise to watch the Yankees play some of their games. I'd watch the Dodgers, but seeing Manny on TV makes me want to punch a baby. Or a nun. Or a baby nun.


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