Monday, November 16, 2009

Bowling Crime: The ball as not so deadly weapon

According to police, two years ago, in Ichikawa, Chiba prefecture, Shinobu Hirata attempted to murder her husband and commit suicide out of shame for mounting debts. Mrs. Hirata's chosen weapon was her husband's 7 kg bowling ball. Mr. Hirata survived the attack with only minor injuries including a serial number permanently stamped into his scalp. Upon apprehension, Mrs. Hirata stated, "私はポケットを見いだすことができませんでした。", loosely translated as "I could not find the pocket." Mrs. Hirata is now behind bars. She spends her spare time working on ways to get more power into her bowling shot.


  1. Nice, I missed the part of the serial number - that is funny! By the way we missed the 5000th hit of the blog - that came fast.

  2. Well, maybe I embellished a little bit. I didn't miss #5000. Got a screen shot of it.


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