Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Four crappy bowlers bowling crappily

I can't remember the last time I saw the Movements win a game. Monday night was no exception. The best we could do was tie the team named after a pizza franchise in Game 2. Because of this, we have a decimal attached to our record. It's just an ugly thing. 15.5 wins? What the hell?

Anyway, the Caesars came into the night with a handicap 100 pins greater than ours. That means that if we both bowled our averages, we would have won by ten pins. On top of this, they were missing a bowler, so we actually had a 20 pin advantage per game. Yet, we got our ass kicked. I must sound like a broken record. What happened in brief is that they bowled very well and we bowled poorly, all of us.

Only Gingis Khan crested his average for the night. I only recorded six strikes for the series. Daniele went 2 of 21 on spare chances in part due to eight splits, but he also led the team with a dozen X's. As a team, we left 17 of 27 single pin chances untouched. It was ugly. Maybe, just maybe, with the loss of the cursed towel, we will turn things around next week. K-Terk has been a welcome addition for the last three weeks, but for the first time in a month, next Monday, the Movements should once again be unified. We need some wins because we are doing our best to go from first to worst at a mind boggling pace.


  1. I'm feeling good about our future and the unification of the Movements. We must also consider that part of the problem on Monday was JoeD's hunger as he was foiled by the Caesars who did not bring pizza.


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