Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Movements Return

As our lead blogger is off fighting for the democratic future of my fellow Virginians - I thought I would provide a quick update for all of loyal fans that anxiously check the blog every Tuesday.

After a few weeks of coming up short we pulled off a 3-1 victory against the Lounge. Despite the absence of Movement 2 we pulled off the victory taking Game 4 by only 2 pins. Johnebob and JD lead the team. Johnebob pulled a deuce in the second game with a 217 pushing him over a 550 series for the night. JD was consistent, putting up 161, 156, 140 games. He also rebounded from his spare slump. K-Terk and I struggled to meet our averages - but fortunately we still went 3-1. Perhaps, the most exciting part of the night (at least for me) was the eruption of cheering in the 10th frame of game 3, when I came from behind to once again avoid the Fightin' 88 club.


  1. The lanes lounge - I thought I put that in but must have forgot - really not use to the blogging -just wanted to put a quick comment up - with JL and JD's super bowling.

  2. I struggled to find my rhythm, and finally realized I was thinking too much (never been a problem in any aspect of my life before). I hit a 131 high if I remember correctly.

    I'll anxiously wait for the Mayor to turn on the K-terk light and shine to over the hill, thus announcing a need for me in L-Town. I'll sleep in my BM shirt until then....

  3. K-Terk I think anytime we can bring down the average and still win is a good night. Look forward to seeing you at the lanes again. Give me a ring if you're in town for the BYU game.


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