Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Seven BM's, 1000 X's

As I am traveling over the next couple of days, I won't have time for a full report of last night's activities. It was a great night, and I'll leave it up to the Rookie to do the initial reporting if he's up for it. It was much needed. You might say that Daniele had the time of his life. No, he never felt like this before. Yes, he swears it's the truth, and he owes it all to you...

Sorry, I was briefly possessed by the specter of Swayze. Last week, I noted that we were about to reach three milestones. A few days ago, we hit the 5,000 visitor mark on the Report. Last night, we got our 1,000th strike as a team, and it happened in a nice way. We put up 47 strikes. This was easily a new record. Our old record was 44. Everybody got double digit X's, and Daniele led us with 15.

What is truly amazing is that we needed every one of those strikes to get to exactly 1,000, and Daniele had to turkey the 10th in the last game to get us there. So, after 343 days of rolling once a week from September through May, we have joined the millennial strike club. When we accept our souvenir plate in the induction ceremony, we should remember to thank those who got us here. The core Movements have done most of the heavy lifting, but let us not forget the others... the Canadian, K-Terk, and Becker. And here's a nod to the Rook who last night got the 1st and 2nd turkey of his life, which remarkably happened in the same game. Here's the breakdown of the first 1,000 X's.


  1. Awesome! How soon can we get 2000? I think 1,500 by the end of season is very achievable.

  2. At the end of the season, we will have 1,750 +/- 20.

  3. I'll wager a 6 pack that the team breaks 1800 by the end of the season. Nice work guys :)

  4. Hey, you played your part putting up a nice perfect square of strikes. I would have preferred it was like 10 squared, but 4 squared is a nice addition for a rookie sub.


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