Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The truth is hard to admit

It's so hard to admit what we know to be true that only two of us can admit it (left: Urban Magic Johnson, right: Movement2). The Battle for Bad Bowling Supremacy has been played, and HCLC, The A Team, has triumphed.

Congrats, guys and gals!


  1. I've seen the picture before on a milk carton, under the line, "Never shake your baby".


  2. Now to just laminate it, and put it about eye-level in my shower :)

  3. Wow! That IS awesome! You guys are the bomb or straight-up g's or the bee's knees or whatever it is my students would say these days (besides "o snap," "that's gay," "epic!", and "for real?") (well, maybe you guys are EPIC)

    You look just like the post office debuting a new stamp...

    For what it's worth, I'm inspired to GET that 472 tonight!

  4. K-Terk - Keep you shower habits to yourself.

    E.B. - You can totally like do it if you don't bowl all random and stuff.

  5. EB- And if you want that sign, you can have it. I have no further use for it. -Todd

  6. Sure! If you can somehow get it into the mail, send it to

    Vicar E.B. Holschuh
    Holy Cross Lutheran Church
    4400 W. Arkansas Ln.
    Arlington, TX 76016

    If not, hang onto it. Who knows when we'll be in Laramie...

  7. Cool. I'll probably get it into the mail next week.


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