Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Two Perfect Games

We arrived a tad later to the lanes on Monday. The prior league was just wrapping up as we migrated to our usual preleague booth in the lounge to enjoy some cold golden bowling juice. I didn't have the time to pour myself a mug by the time we had to migrate to Lane 14. Upon arrival, Cody Caldwell, the Kid Wonder, walked up. He said, "You should check out that screen. In the 1st game, Brett [Baker] and I both rolled 300's." He was pretty excited about this, as you might imagine. I slipped out of my shoes, into my bowlers, and checked out the screen. It was true. Two 300's in the same game by two guys on the same team. Wow. That's cool. But we had our own business to attend to.

Our foe for the night was Prairie Rose, the team anchored by the Eickbush's, father and son. Leading off is Shef, a man with an intimidating demeanor on the surface, but he is a very nice guy. They were missing their 3 man, Talley, so once again we would bowl with a slight advantage, 10 pins per game. No advantage, however, can overcome bad bowling, and in Game 1, we managed to continue our streak of sucking. We lost. It seemed like a long night was upon us yet once again.

But something happened between Games 1 and 2, what it was I have no idea because Game 2 was a beautiful thing. Even though P. Rose put up a game well into the 900's, we broke 1,000 for the 2nd time this season. Daniele led us with a 200, his 2nd of the season, and once again, he hit 200 on the money. Gingy put up his best game of the season with a 187. Scratch, it was a 731, handicapped, a 1009. This was easily a new BM record for Game 2.

We took Game 3 with a 925 game, again led by Daniele. In fact, in Games 2 and 3, P. Rose also hit the 900's and lost both. I felt badly for them because it seems like that happens to us all too frequently. They bowled very well, but Games 2 and 3 for our team felt like perfect games, at least as close as our team can get to perfect games.

We set a number of records as a team. In addition to a new high for Game 2, we set records for strikes (47), strike% (35.9%), and accuracy (48.7%). The Rook earned a 180 patch, which he desperately wanted, and our team series was our 2nd best ever (1,931). This was, however, JD's night, who took the high score for all three games and had his best night of the BIA. He finally joined the 700 club, a 200 game with a 500 series by going 539 for the night, and he set a new record for first ball average, with a 9.03. This is the first time any of us have gone over 9, and it fulfills one of my goals for the season. He was all over the pocket all night. To give you an idea of why it's so difficult to do this, check out the frequency distribution of his 30 1st ball scores below.

It was a great night for the team. Heck, it was the first time I had seen us win a game in a month and a half. At the night's end, we had one more pitcher of bowling juice to celebrate, and Kid Wonder came over to our lane. I asked him what it feels like when you a bowl a perfect game. Specifically, I asked what does it feel like to step up to bowl after you have hit eleven in a row. He said, "You know, my mind went blank, completely blank." That's probably why Cody now has three 300's to his name, and I will never have one. (Brett has more than 10!) He does not over think it. He just rolls. Well, there's also the factor that Cody is a really good bowler, and I really suck. Next week, we're up against Cody, Brett, and the Lazers. It should be a good time, except they owe us a beatdown. We are 6-2 against them this season.


  1. Way to go, guys!

    Maybe soon we'll have some good news to share... We're expecting, you know. ;)

  2. Thanks, E.B. You will. Slumps always come to an end. Preferably, they end with a hot hand, and you guys will go on a nice streak. But as we endlessly discuss, who knows what the future brings. Que será será.

  3. its all in the grip, a littel tweak and I'm ready for PBA (Pabst Blue-ribbon, Another!)

  4. Aren't you the founding member of the Pathetic Bowlers Association?

  5. I should be their poster boy.


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