Monday, December 14, 2009

Bowling Crime: Suspect believed to have shoe fetish

In late November, at Lufkin Lanes in Lufkin, Texas, a locker was burglarized. Taken was a bag containing two balls and a pair of bowling shoes. Although no one witnessed the theft, the suspect is described as young white male with a rotund beer belly and a Texas twang. The Lufkin P.D. crime profiler has studied many similar cases and has concluded that members of the public should be the lookout for either someone carrying a bag that seems unusually heavy for its size or a dude with a shoe fetish. In their press release, they state, "If you know a young white male with a beer belly who seems to wear a different pair of shoes everyday, or has a closest containing more than five pairs of shoes, please contact the Lufkin P.D. " No suspect has been named, but detectives are working around the clock to solve this heinous bowling crime.


  1. The people of Lufkin certainly love their entertainment systems. And, honestly, who pours mustard on a truck? Seriously?

  2. Worcestershire sauce would be so much better.


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