Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bowling in Moving Pictures: A PBA record I could break

Steve Jaros bowls a 129 on television in 1992. This game is the record for the lowest score in a televised match. I am thinking of joining the PBA if only to break this record. This is a little painful to watch and far too familiar.


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  2. I was watching the PBA Championships a few weeks ago and caught Jaros bowling against...I've already forgotten... But he was bowling incredibly well-- those two knuckleheads that do the bowling commentary on ESPN (I've forgetten their names, too-- man, I'm senile) made mention of this. It's the kind of ignominious record that I would hold if I were good enough to take my 129 game to the PBA.

    It's also the third pillar holding up the Tao of S.U.C.K. Even pro bowlers have off days. And my DVR catches a lot of them.

  3. I paid for my whole seat, but only needed the edge!

    That was liking watching me bowl, but my mustache (or lack thereof) is far less glorious. I'm also a little less consistent.

  4. He has a certain Ned Flanders-ness about him.


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