Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Drinking in the 500 Club

Since the whole Tiger incident(s) NIKE has been looking for a new image. This week Movement 2 headed to San Francisco for an important sponsorship meeting at NIKE’s west coast headquarters. His request was that to clinch the deal we needed to take K-terk and hand someone a serious beat down. Well we did it! We went 4-0 against the Mighty Huks or Hulks (Team 2). With this victory we are finally back to 500. For the night we beat the Huks by 176 handicap pins. We owed these guys a beat down we went 0-4 against these guys last time and had one of our worst games ever. JoeD and Johnebob lead us for the night with a 494 and a 482 series, respectively. Joe once again flirted with the Deuce finishing with a 199 in the second game. K-terk struggled the first game (probably tired from the drive) but put up solid games in the 2nd and 3rd averaging 132 for the night. The impressive thing about the night was our 3rd game. This is when we usually screw the pooch but Monday night we finished the 3rd game with a 955. I also caught fire in this game marking ever frame from the 4th including a “turkey” going into the 10th frame. I finished the game with a 184 my second highest game ever. I never thought I would break 180 for a patch or now a magnet but I have done it twice this season. Thank you Bowling Juice!

I don’t know if our victory will guarantee our NIKE sponsorship, but it is likely to lure in other big companies, perhaps Bloedorn Lumber or Bart’s Flea Market.


  1. Well done, Rook. I enjoyed the read from the city in the fog.

  2. Thanks. Hope the trip is going well. Looking forward to the pre-bowl when you return


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