Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Greater Fat

For what it's worth, every time I start mouthing off about how we are going to kick some team's ass, the reverse happens. I think it's time to end that behavior. Another 1-3 night for the Movements against the team known as Lesser Fat. What that team name means, I have no idea. It reminds me of a former Bernaski team, now retired, the Pine Rollin' Biscuits. What was that about? I must be getting old.

The night started well with a 924 game handicapped. That gave us a 60+ pin lead, but the Fatties came on strong in the next two to take the 4th game. Of the Fatties, Nathan probably had the best night I have ever seen for a straight on bowler, landing a 543 series and a 199 in the last. They were definitely the greater fat on Monday night.

I usually don't focus on my performance, but on Monday, I was definitely the outlier. I took the high series for the team with a 489, but struggled mightily with the 2nd ball. I came into the night having picked up nearly 53% of my spares on the season. That's 110 conversions in 209 tries. I felt like my pickup rate was finally approaching my free throw percentage. Well, on Monday night, I went 3 for 18, or 16.7%. That dismal performance includes leaving 4 of 5 single pin chances untouched.

Yet, I averaged 163 and nearly got a 500 series. Clearly the 1st ball was working. In all, I got 14 X's including a turkey in the 1st and four bagger to finish the night. Two weeks ago, I was whining about how I couldn't find the pocket. Now, it seems that is all I can find. I solved the pocket problem by throwing heat, adding about 3 mph to the throw. That took a lot of break out of the ball. I had three chances for ten pins, and I missed them all to the left, even if I chucked it at 16. I couldn't tell if my spare struggles were due to an off night, extremely dry lanes, or that I am finally putting a ton of spin on the ball. I need to figure that out soon or bring back the Green Lady as a spare ball.

This Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde performance, also known in the New England Journal of Medicine as "One Ball Syndrome", got me thinking about two stats. First, has anyone ever got a 500 series with fewer than five spares? In theory, it shouldn't be very difficult if you couple that with a lot of strikes. Second, Johnebob asked what is the highest score on our team for a game with no spares? In the 1st game, I put up a 170 with no spares.

Well, the answer to the first question is yes, and it happened in recent memory. In fact, Johnebob did it LAST WEEK! Last week, Johnny converted only 4 of 15 spare tries, but coupled that 15 strikes to get him to the five hundy.

As for the 2nd question, my 170 was the highest zero spare game on record. Keep in mind that it is possible to go as high as 300 with zero spares. On record, we only have 12 games without a single spare conversion. That's 12 out of 396 games, or roughly 3%. The next highest zero spare game was also bowled by me it was a 162. Daniele's best zero spare game was a 161. JPL's, a 156, and Gingy's, a 129.

In other news from Lake Wobegon, everybody got a chunk of the leaderboard, although Johnny and I shared the majority chunk. John picked up a bunch of categories including marks, pickup%, single pin spares, and accuracy. He split total spare count with JD with 11, and JD also claimed the high score for Game 2 with a 160. Newt Gingerich led the team on single pin conversion rate, getting four of six, or 66.7%. We actually bowled pretty well, but they bowled a lot better. Tune in next week when those punks known as Overrated mop the floor with us.

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  1. What about cerebral fat? (I may need lyposuction soon.)


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